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A virtual Public Hearing via the Zoom App will be held on June 2, 2020 at 10am, for the purpose of identifying and prioritizing the community needs of Pulaski County, determining whether an application for Arkansas Community and Economic Development Program (ACEDP) funds should be developed and if so, for what community need.

Also, comments on proposed project activities will be discussed, especially those with possible impacts on the community, should the project receive funding.

ACEDP funds are federal assistance received by the State of Arkansas and administered by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission. These funds will be made available to cities and counties according to need and can be used for community facilities, public infrastructure, or economic development, but must address one of the following objectives:

1. Provide benefit to low- and moderate-income families,

2. Aid in the prevention of slum and blight, or

3. Meet other community needs, which pose a serious, immediate threat to the health or welfare of the community where no other funding is available to meet such needs.

All residents of Pulaski County are encouraged to attend the virtual hearing and participate in the community development process. Pulaski County will provide technical assistance in developing proposals by groups representing low- and moderate-income persons.

Individuals requiring physical or sensory accommodations including interpreter service, Braille, large print, or recorded materials, please contact Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde at (501) 340-8305 no later than May 27, 2020. Accommodations will be made for persons with disabilities and non-English speaking individuals provided that a 3-day notice is received by the Pulaski County.

To join the Zoom public hearing use the following information:

Meeting ID: 867-023-8728

Access Code: 2GcZ7N

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