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Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities Grant Funding Opportunity

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

The FY22 Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) funding opportunity and are accepting Notices of Intent (NOIs) now through Friday, September 23rd. The BRIC grant program seeks to shift the federal focus from reactive disaster spending toward research-supported, proactive investment in community resilience so communities are better prepared.

FEMA’s FY22 BRIC priorities:

  • Incentivize natural hazard risk reduction activities that mitigate risk to public infrastructure and disadvantaged communities, as referenced in Executive Order 14008 - Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad

  • Incorporate nature-based solutions, including those designed to reduce carbon emissions

  • Enhance climate resilience and adaptation

  • Increase funding for the adoption and enforcement of the latest published editions of building codes

  • Encourage hazard mitigation projects that meet multiple program priorities

All jurisdictions that have a FEMA approved hazard mitigation plan may be eligible to compete for funding in the BRIC program. Plans must be current at the time of application submittal to FEMA as well as at the time of award. Jurisdictions that do NOT currently participate in a FEMA approved hazard mitigation plan are eligible to apply through the BRIC Program to receive funding towards developing a hazard mitigation plan.

In FY21, FEMA selected 53 competitive projects from 19 states. The link below provides a summary of each so that you can get an idea of the types of projects that are being selected for funding. Please note that while community saferooms are eligible, they are NOT a priority under the BRIC grant.

FEMA BRIC Webinars

FEMA is offering a series of BRIC webinars now through October. You must register in order to attend the sessions. Visit the link below for more information.


BRIC subapplications go through a two-part scoring process. In addition, a National Technical Review (NTR) team reviews all eligible project subapplications for cost-effectiveness and engineering feasibility. More information is attached about the qualitative and technical evaluation criteria.

If you require assistance, please contact a member of our Community and Development Team by calling the office at 501-676-2721.

Please refer to the document below to view the scope of this funding opportunity.

Download PDF • 842KB

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