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AEDC Division of Rural Services distributes almost $357,000 in community grants.

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) Division of Rural Services has awarded community grants totaling $356,802.26 to 36 counties and communities across the state.

“These grants go a long way in helping our smallest communities leverage funds to help meet critical infrastructure needs,” Department of Commerce Secretary Mike Preston said. “Strong, vibrant communities allow citizens to enjoy a better quality of life, and they make our state more attractive to new and expanding businesses which benefits all Arkansans.”

The Division of Rural Services awarded the grants to Arkansas counties and communities through two programs: the Rural Community Grant Program and the County Fair Building Grant Program.

Twenty-nine counties and communities received a total of $331,144.65 through the Rural Community Grant Program. Under this program, applicants from incorporated towns of less than 3,000 in population and unincorporated rural areas are eligible for up to $15,000 in matching funds for community development and fire protection projects.

The Division of Rural Services awarded 7 counties a total of $25,657.61 through the County Fair Building Grant Program. Under this program, county fairs located in counties with a population of less than 55,000 are eligible for up to $4,000 for construction, renovation or general improvements of buildings or purchase of items shown to directly improve the building or the services that the county fair association may provide.

Both the Rural Community Grant Program and the County Fair Building Grant Program require a 50 percent match for counties and communities to qualify.

The next cycle deadline for the Rural Community Grant Program is August 12, 2021. For more information about grants administered by AEDC, visit

Rural Community Grant Recipients: Avoca Fire Department — $15,000 Bono — $10,975 Collins-Cominto Fire Department – $14,550 Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department — $15,000 DeAnn Volunteer Fire Department — $1,767 England – $15,000 Galatia – $15,000 Grant County – $15,000 Hazen — $15,000 Hector — $8,229.50 Hickory Flat Fire Department — $15,000 Hwy 35 South Volunteer Fire Department — $15,000 Jacksonport — $2,750 Lavaca Fire Department — $9,400.65 Leachville — $15,000 Marshall — $15,000 McNab — $7,465 McNeil Fire Department — $9,069 Moro Fire Department — $7,323.50 Murfreesboro — $15,000 Oakland Promise Land Fire Protection District — $8,490 Ogden — $5,150 Omaha Rural Fire Association — $15,000 Round Mountain Volunteer Fire Department — $9,087.50 Rover Fire Department — $9,675 Scranton Rural Fire Department — $15,000 Thornton — $12,612.50 Ulm – $15,000 Water Valley Volunteer Fire Department – $4,600

County Fair Building Grant Recipients: Baxter County Fair Association — $3,126.15 Clark County Fair Association — $2,531.46 North Franklin County Fair Association — $4,000 Little River County Fair Association — $4,000 Nevada County Fair Association — $4,000 Poinsett County Fair Association — $4,000 Scott County Fair Association — $4,000

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