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The Central Arkansas Planning and Development is responsible for mapping and the management of information for all addresses within Prairie County.


This information is the primary source utilized by 911 dispatchers in the county for the routing of emergency first responders (Fire, Police and Medical).



The Central Arkansas Planning and Development District coordinates street naming and assignment of house number addresses for a comprehensive emergency services response database. Having location information speeds response time in emergency situations.

The term "911 address" explains clearly the purpose of these numbers: to help emergency services find a particular location as quickly as possible.

Within five (5) working days after you submit your form, you will receive a notice of your assigned address by telephone or email.

Once you receive your new address notice, you are responsible for updating your local postal service, utility bills, driver’s license, etc.

Important Notes:

  • A 911 address for a new structure should be obtained before making arrangements for utility services. Utility companies (telephone, electric, gas, water and so forth) will request a 911 address for structures to be served.

  • Our office is not affiliated with third-party agencies like Google Maps, Bing, car GPS units, etc. These companies are responsible to update their systems, and rarely do. However, we can offer instructions to send feedback to some of these companies if your address does not appear correctly.


To apply for a 911 address for your new home or business, please fill out the form below. Once completed, press the Submit button to send the request form to the 911 Coordinator.

Structure Type:
Is the Structure
If fully constructed, describe the outside of the walls

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